Our mission is to provide mobile veterinary care for your dogs and cats in the comfort of their own home,  throughout Ventura County and northern Los Angeles County.


We offer many treatments that promote wellness, rehabilitation, and healing. We know that your pets are like your family, and you want the very best care for them. Give us a call to set up an appointment today! 


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A veterinary examination is performed on each patient and an individual treatment plan is established to best serve your pet and their needs. Every pet is different and catering to your pets wellness is our goal! 



Microchipping your pets is of the utmost importance. A small electronic chip, less than the size of a grain of rice, is inserted under the skin. When scanned, your pets unique and permanent identification number is emitted to reunite you with your lost pet.


Cold Laser therapy is a safe way to transmit specific wavelenghts of light to treat painful and debilitating conditions. Light enters damaged cells and stimulates inter cell activity which reduces pain and speeds your pets recovery process. This is a painless treatment that lasts an average of 5-10 minutes. 



Medical Acupuncture is a treatment which involves the insertion of very small, sterile needles into the skin and muscle. Modern medical acupuncture is based on current scientific knowledge and helps promote overall well-being, prevents
illness, and can address and alleviate a variety of medical conditions.



Fleas and ticks are annoying critters to your pets but they can also cause disease and illness. Especially in the warm climate of Southern California, these bugs can cause big problems year round. We can help make sure your pet wards off these pests and stays healthy. 



Vaccinating your pet is an important part of keeping them healthy, from puppyhood and kittenhood up to adulthood. 



Getting old is ruff and its not much easier for a pet. We enjoy working with you to create a treatment plan to ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible while they age. 


Travelling over state or international borders with your pet? We can help make sure all the requirements are met and provide a certificate of health to ensure your travel goes smoothly. 


Many dogs suffer from itchy skin, especially in the spring and summer months. We are here to help relieve their itchy skin! 


A therapeutic exercise plan can be made according to your pets specific injuries and goals for rehabilitation. Exercises will be performed, and then taught to you so you can practice at home, that target strengthening and endurance to promote injury rehabilitation and performance. 



A common ailment in the summertime and year round, ear infections can really cause your pet distress. We are here to help treat these infections, but also to prevent them from recurring. 


We know how difficult saying goodbye to your beloved pet can be. Our goal is to make the transition as peaceful as possible in your own home. 

And more! 


We are able to provide many services and treat many conditions in the comfort of your home. Call us today to see how we can help you and your pets! 




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Tel:  (805) 410-4086

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We are here to provide your pet with the best possible care, in the comfort of their own home. After working in a traditional clinic setting, it became clear that there were many dogs and cats who had difficulties coming in to a clinic. Whether it was due to the dog's mobility, owner's ability to transport their animal, or just due to a patient's anxiety, there are lots of reasons why pets enjoy us coming to them!


Our practice provides both wellness and preventative medicine services, as well as treating minor ailments. There are some cases that require us to refer to a physical animal hospital, but we are able to do many things in the home. We also offer acupuncture and laser therapy for injuries and chronic conditions. All of our treatments are performed by an experienced, licensed veterinarian, and start with a comprehensive exam tailored to the individual animal as well as a discussion regarding your goals for treatment.


Our Veterinarian: Dr. Allison Tashnek, DVM


Dr. Allie completed her undergraduate studies in Environmental Science at UCLA, then went on to receive her veterinary degree from University of California, Davis in 2017. She received her certification in veterinary medical acupuncture in 2017 from the CuraCore Integrative Medicine and Education Center in Fort Collins, Colorado. She is currently pursuing additional certification in small animal rehabilitation through the Canine Rehabilitation Institute based in Wellington, Florida. Although originally specializing in large animals, specifically horses, in veterinary school, Dr. Allie began practicing at a dog and cat emergency clinic shortly after graduation. She now focuses on general medicine for dogs and cats, as well as integrative and rehabilitation medicine for animals of all sizes.

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